Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use you as a taxi service?

A. No, that was never the intention of the company. I will be your companion throughout your visit/trip etc.

Q. Where is the company based?

A. In Bleadon, which is on the southern outskirts of Weston super Mare in North Somerset.

Q. Where is your client base?

A. Mainly North Somerset, however being on the southern border of North Somerset, some clients are based in Somerset (Burnham on Sea area, etc.)

Q. If I wanted to travel with a partner/friend would that be possible and how would that affect the cost?

A. Yes you can travel together and you would simply share the cost. If two people went on the same trip I do not double the cost. After all it will cost me almost the same to take two people as it would for one.

Q. How many people could you take?

A. Insurance covers four passengers, plus the driver. However, this will depend on other equipment that needs to be carried, wheelchair(s) etc.

Q. Are there restrictions on the times of day or days of the week that the service is available?

A. No. The only restriction would be if another client has chosen that time/day.

Q. Have you got appropriate vehicle insurance?

A. Yes. The company uses a national insurer and all necessary insurance is in place.

Q. Do you have any special driving qualifications?

A. Trained to drive by the Police for various types of vehicle and various levels, but I’m sorry I won’t be using blue lights and two tone horns anymore!

Q. Can you take a wheelchair or mobility scooter?

A. The vehicle used is a new Audi Quattro Q5 S-line 4x4. Manual folding wheelchairs are not a problem. Mobility scooters which are capable of collapsing would also not be a problem. I have taken both of the above types of wheelchair/scooter hence I know. However, as there are many types/size of mobility scooters available, perhaps a visit prior to a journey could confirm accessibility.

Q. Could you take more than one wheelchair?

A. The rear seats of the vehicle split thus allowing more storage space, so most likely yes more than one could be accommodated.

Q. Are there any restrictions on distances?

A. No there are not, but like any responsible motorists, we have to be sensible regarding the hours driven from a safety point of view.

Q. Can I arrange a visit or trip on a regular basis?

A. Yes, and of course the further in advance you can book them the more chance you have of not being disappointed that a particular time and date are not available for you.

Q. The website mentions “running errands” what do you offer?

A. The dictionary says an errand is taking a message or to take or collect something. I can’t be more specific than that!

Q. The website also says “help out around the house”?

A. I am not an electrician/plumber/decorator etc. but I am very adaptable having learnt a lot in 50+ years. Simply ask and I will give you an honest answer. Even if the job is beyond my capabilities I know when most people want work done in and around the house they want a good job done by a reputable trader for a fair price. I am no different, and having lived and policed North Somerset for over 30 years I have a huge number of contacts for companies I trust and probably have used myself. Therefore I can arrange someone to visit and give you a quote.

Q. If I want to be accompanied at a formal event will my companion be dressed appropriately?

A. Yes, mode of dress is one of the questions you will be asked prior to our attendance. Anything from evening suit, to jeans and a t-shirt.

Q. If I want to go on a daytrip can I bring my dog?

A. Having had two golden retrievers myself over a period of twenty years I am quite used to pets and I am sure we can accommodate an extra passenger!